To form a peaceful society where spirituality and wisdom replace the narrow-minded religious divide among humans.

Why Ramayana?

We strongly believe that Ramayana teaches life skills, with which one can keep aside their weaknesses and move forward with focusing only on their strengths. It will not only make people stick to dharma, but also stand by it and fight for it. Like Lord Rama, they will befriend only good people even if they are found to be less powerful, and will avoid bad friends even if they are found to be more powerful. Slowly, with the help of all good people, firmly ever stuck to dharma, having faith in themselves and faith in the highest cosmic power, they will march towards success. They can even attain liberation if they do not have any accrued karma phal (karmic debt) to experience.

Shame that Narottam is not known to the whole world!

Ram was supposedly the best among the best of men, the world has ever witnessed since its creation. But, why do 6 of 7 billion people, not know anything about ram? Did our people behave selfishly in giving the world, the knowledge of supreme Brahman to other continents?, or Was there a point of time, where Vedic civilization existed all over the world but was subjugated by demonic kings after Lord Krishna left his body. The answer and reasons could be anything. The result? The world is paying now. Everyone is suffering from an extreme school of thought. But the biggest irony is that no one knows why they are suffering. Even if a learned person says that it is the absence of dharma in the hearts of people and the politicians the reason behind all our problems, people will laugh at him. They may even mock him or troll him. Sometimes even this learned man will be made to doubt his own dharma, as the majority does not have any clue on what dharma is.

Religion is the most insane invention ever in the History of mankind.

“The theory of God” which is supposed to make us understand our source and make us understand the reason for being born, and make us understand the two vital life elements karma and dharma, is working the other way round and becoming detrimental to human betterment.

Some say believe or die, some say believe and get cured of all the diseases. Some say believe and enjoy many times more in heaven than what you enjoy here on this earth. They say that God doesn’t judge based on our deeds but will bless based on the specific God’s name we believe in. They are so sick as they get so enraged with the form of God but ironically besotted with the name of God, to the extent they even resort to killing those who do not accept it. This is when the society needs a complete revamp and correction.

The question we have to ask ourselves here is that “did I ever exist before I came to earth”? If the answer is yes, why should I go to heaven leaving my original source where I existed from infinite time in the past? If the answer is no, then my soul has a date of birth, which means it will obviously have a date of death.

In the place where darkness prevails, evil rules. Then, these logical questions will never be permitted. They may cost one’s head. In such dreadful scenarios, the people’s wisdom will slowly die with generations. The logical mind will get permanent numbness. It will lose its rationality and stop thinking. When there is no thinking, there cannot be questioning. When the rational part of the humans die, they comfortably ignore the good deeds of the divine men, and the bad deeds of the evil men.

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Noxious and deleterious consequences of not knowing Ramayana?

We all know that ignorance is blindness. If ignorance increases, it poses a huge threat to wisdom. Blindness increased year by year since 3000bce. We ignored the disease for centuries. We have travelled very long without eyes. Now, when over 90% of people became blind, the people with eyesight are being treated as sick people. They will be mocked for what they are able to see.

When people are not introduced to Iconic people like Rama with divine nature, they will automatically get introduced to people of demonic nature. Bad dominates the world only when good fails to do its job.

Ramayana is an extremely powerful vaccine and an antidote to adharma and violence. What happens if that vaccine is not made available to people all over the world?

Undoubtedly, Ignorance will spread there. Evil propels there. Adharma and Ashanti prevail there, and finally, adharma will be looked at as dharma and dharma will be looked at as adharma. Perverted knowledge will prevail all over. When the world forgets Ram as a hero, then, many times worse than Raavanas will be regarded as role models. Then, Many times worse will happen to mankind.

When evil ruins the lives of people far away from us, we feel oblivious to such incidents. Then, We have no right to scream when it comes so close to us. Today, evil is in eye-to-eye contact with us. Either, we have to educate it tactfully or get eaten away by it.

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Let us drive away the ignorance with wisdom.

We all know that darkness is not an entity by itself. It is just the absence of light. So let us not blame someone else, for the darkness that is prevailing everywhere. Let us bring light to our lives, with Bhagawat Gita and Ramayana. Ramayana and Gita or any Vedic scripture, does not focus on the name and form of god.

They will focus on What is Dharma and what is Adharma, the advantages of being Dharmic and the consequences of not being so. Bhagawat Gita is the best way for us to understand who we are and why we are here, while the history of Lord Rama, is the best way for us to understand how one should stick to dharma despite life throwing many challenges.

So far, we from Bhagawat Gita Foundation for Vedic studies, made Bhagawat Gita in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and a few other languages, in three different formats. We made an intriguing Bhagawad Gita, one with mind-boggling Fusion Music, and another, with Hindustani ragas, meant for self-learning purposes, for the first time in the world.

We are currently doing our fourth version with 110bpm tempo and named it as the Shuffle Dance Gita. We are doing this in two different formats to enable the foreigners and today’s youth, even to dance along with singing the slokas. We are also producing another version of the Self-learning Gita, especially for the donors of Gita University Construction.

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The more the people become ignorant, non-issues will become issues, and real issues will become non-issues. The ignorant and foolish citizenship will become a boon for politicians with which they can easily manipulate them and multiply their assets. This is when society needs a complete correction and hence our Mission 5 Billion Project. The mission’s objective is to establish Peace and Harmony among people of different faiths by propagating the basic “Principles of Karma and Dharma from Bhagawad Gita”. To achieve this, we have resolved to build a University exclusively to create 10,000 Physical and 40,000 online Gita gurus and establish 10,000 self-sustaining Sathsanghs, one for every 1 million population. These Gurus will work with a Mission of taking Gita Wisdom to over 50% of the world by 2050. For full details please visit our website

Complete Ramayana with Meanings - a project for the first time in the world.

Now, we took up the project of digitizing 24000 slokas, 648 chapters of Valmiki Ramayana in English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada. Every sarga will have 40 slokas and the video length will be for 45 minutes on average. The names of the donors will be displayed all throughout the length of the sarga. Ramayana Audio files will be given free to all village temples in India, where they can play one sarga every day, thereby completing all chapters of Ramayana in 648 days. We shall also make the video files of the entire Ramayana available for free on our YouTube Channel. The reconstruction of Ramalaya in Ayodhya was the dream of every Indian for 500 years. Very soon, this is going to come true. By the time this prestigious temple gets completed, the digital version of Valmiki Ramayana should reach all over the world. Only then “the temple” construction will serve its core purpose of filling everyone’s heart with “Dharma”.

Project Expecting to get a Sponsor by 7-9-2023.

We look forward to Corporations, Jewelry business giants, politicians, Spiritually elevated businessmen and  Temple Boards for sponsorship. We look forward to a sponsor who can own the BIGGEST PUNYA KARYA OF THIS KALIYUGA. We are quite confident that Lord Rama will identify HIM and make us contact them. So far, we have identified two people and waiting for their response. We hope to finalize the sponsorship and conduct a press meet on Janmashatami which is falling on 7-9-2023. 

The sponsorship amount for Telugu (Being the first production of all the languages) is two crores. The amount for English, Hindi, Tamil and Kannada is Rs.100 lakhs each. This is less than the first one, as much of the graphics work will be repetitive. This amount includes a budget of Rs.20 lakhs for YouTube promotion and launch event expenses for each language. This will increase the views of the videos, which will not only help people know Ramayana in detail but also help the sponsor who graciously donated to this divine cause.  We will release one sarga daily on our YouTube channel from the third month of receiving the sponsorship amount. Please call us at 8520-933-933 to enable our Directors to meet the interested sponsors in person and explain the project and their advertisement placements in detail.

Only light can remove darkness. With Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita, we can fill light in the hearts of humans and make them understand the purpose of life. We are working to take Gita to over 50% of the world by 2050. If every Dharmic person comes forward and support our Mission without thinking that someone else will support it, this can easily be accomplished.

Check out for the 3 styles of Bhagawad Gita (GITA slokas in plain recitation, Gita with Fusion Music and Self learning Gita) done in English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and a few other languages. Any donations made will be used to promote Bhagavad Gita all over the world. We need 10,000 people who can donate anything from Rs.100/- to Rs.1000/- every month.

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